How to Keep Watches in Good Condition


Keeping watches in good condition can be a challenge. There are several factors to consider.

Ideally, watches should be stored in a climate controlled room or safe. The temperature should be kept stable to prevent moisture from getting into the movement.

Watch manufacturers advise against storing watches at very low temperatures. This can lead to thinning of lubrication. Leaving watches at too high a temperature can also cause problems.

If you need to store your watch for an extended period of time, consider a safety deposit box. These are a popular choice, as they protect your watch from theft and damage.

While you are storing your watch, it is best to remove the battery. Batteries can leak and eventually damage the internal components of your watch.

Before removing your watch, make sure that it has been serviced. A clean, dry environment will also help to preserve the appearance of your watch.

The temperature and humidity of the storage environment will affect your watch’s appearance and functionality. Some watches are particularly sensitive to both moisture and heat.

Many experts suggest storing the watch in a sealed, airtight container. Alternatively, you can wrap your watch in a cloth pouch.

Another alternative is to use silica gel bags. Silica gel can absorb moisture and prevent mold from growing on the straps of your watch. You should replace the silica gel bags periodically.

If you need to keep the manuals and papers that came with your watch, ensure that they are not folded tightly. It is best to avoid exposing them to the sun or to humidity.

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