Ten of the Most Corrupt Judges in Pennsylvania

Whether you’re a judge or an ordinary citizen, you have a duty to uphold the law and to administer justice. Unfortunately, some judges have a history of impropriety. They use their positions to evade prosecution and gain profit. Here are ten of the most corrupt judges in Pennsylvania.

Fortunato Perry Sr. was convicted of taking bribes. He was also charged with federal tax evasion. In addition, he was found guilty of accepting bribes from people who filmed pornographic videos. His wife, Valentina Kurylo, forgot to declare her income and property. She was found in violation of her duties as a judge.

Michael Eakin resigned from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court after he was suspended for sending pornographic e-mails. Eakin defended his actions and argued that his e-mails did not impair his ability to decide cases fairly.

Judge Mark Ciavarella was found to have accepted kickbacks worth $2.6 million. This was more than he was paid to sit on the bench. During his tenure on the court, he advocated harsh sentencing for juveniles and sent them to two private detention centers.

Chester Muroski was a bystander to the kids for cash scandal. He objected to the amount of county funds being allocated to the juvenile courts. Despite his objections, Muroski was reassigned by Judge Conahan to the criminal courts. The reassignment was retaliatory.

Another example of a corrupt judge is Luzerne County’s Jennifer Rogers. Rogers has been a family court judge for the past seven years. Her outspoken judicial philosophy has been a big selling point during her campaigns. Nevertheless, she has been accused of several ethical transgressions while on the bench.